Sports teach you a lot!….

Sports is something people always eager to play. Whether it is football, cricket , etc. It not only helpful for physical fitness but it is also very good for mental purpose.

When i am playing a sport then my only focus is on one thing that’s to play game , it’s like meditation for me. And when I’ve got injury in playing the game then also I want to be in the game and play the game till it ends. So this tell me that i can do things even when i got hurt or some serious damage. I cross my limits in sports and this is best about sports

Don’t Lose hope…

There is an inter-college cricket competition going on in my university. Today my team played two games, in which we won the first game which is in morning and lose the other one in afternoon. What I’ve learned that don’t lose hope till the last ball.

We won the first match easily and we are confident that we will win the second match also.So we wait till the afternoon to start the match.We are tired and sun is on fire. Opposite team is Fresh and this is their first match and we are playing our third one, i’m not giving excuses here.

We start with bowling that didn’t go well so they make  128 in  15 overs.We start our batting slow and loosen up some of our important wickets.At that point we somewhat thinking that we gonna loose this match. After some overs things goes well on our side and we are back in business.

Things turn out when we loose our wickets in last 3 overs.In last overs we want 9 runs and we left with some inexperience batsmen whom we really trust as bowlers. So we loss the match by 4 runs.

Here’s an important part that we first loosing our hope that we gonna loose and then thinking that we going to win this match.

So why we loose the match is that because we are tired or we can’t move ours legs. I think we loose because we loss our hope at some point and got into fear.We start thinking about the results and not concentrating on match.

So be positive towards goals and stop thinking results and rather focus on work….


Journey Start….!

Journey Begins….

Hello Guys….

Before I start what is this site about let me just tell you who i am.

My name is Manish Giri. I am pursuing degree in Computer Engineering.I like to design and build websites, learning new programming languages and reading novels.

If you read the above paragraph you get to know i am an “engineer“, a person who love everything other than engineering. I love to watch movie and english tv series too.

I don’t know where to start blogging so i make a list and i got what to make. So i decided to make a blog which consists of movie, books and computer. That’s why this blog name is “HybridBlog” which means mixture of many blog.

I hope my new journey will lead me to a path where  i belong…..

Thank u for reading this blog.Hope you enjoy…….!